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Development and construction

From concept to CAD model to functional prototype

BURRI strives towards a fluid transition between development and construction. From the outset, we directly incorporate experience drawn from user handling, installation and maintenance.

Integral development

Depending on the project requirements, interdisciplinary development teams bring additional expertise from such areas as product design, architecture, metal processing and mechanical engineering. Throughout, BURRI places an emphasis on proven systems and technologies, which are deployed alongside rapid prototyping for the speedy development and testing of entirely new solutions.

BURRI covers the entire process chain

Our development expertise plays an essential role in all specialist areas, from outdoor furniture to the design of lighting and LED printed-circuit boards, to special solutions for transport- and advertising technology. Customers appreciate BURRI as an innovative and solution-oriented sparring partner. Decades of experience in the marketplace as well as countless implemented projects enable us to cover the entire supply chain. Thanks to long-standing partner relationships and the continuous exchange of knowledge, we have a firm grasp of the requirements of customers and markets. In this way, we can incorporate the full life cycle costs arising from manufacturing costs, operating efficiency, maintenance/replacement parts, vandalism and social compatibility, as well as eventual disposal.

The delicate and ornamental ceiling attachment was a further difficult nut to crack
Developed in close cooperation with several partners
Sicherheit für alle Benutzergruppen
Erfüllt Vorgaben des Schweizer Behindertengleichstellungsgesetzes (BehiG)
A combination of aesthetics, safety and flexibility
Maximum usability for users and operator
Signage with a modular system
Intelligent details make all the difference
High efficiency and longevity
Premium materials and optimized heat-management
Double-sided LED light-dispersion modules
Minimal maintenance - efficient and durable
Improved range of applications due to multifunctional solution
Minimum light pollution upwards with and without reflector
Road safety has top priority
Proactive planning measures
Low-tech combined with high-tech
High availability due to tried and tested standards
Order and safety in public areas
Simple handling without the danger of injury
Easy handling with high resistance to vandalism
Robust, flexible, durable
Profitability thanks to superior design
High frequency of use, low maintenance costs, excellent energy efficiency
Complete system for a clear corporate identity
Elegant and extra-flat, display case for the public space
High standards of implementation
Sustainability - from procurement to disposal
Modularity consistently spelt out
Solutions with room for future requirements and developments
Sicherheit für alle Benutzergruppen
Erfüllt Vorgaben des Schweizer Behinderten Gleichstellungsgesetzes
The right solution in the right place
Adaptations to situations and requirements due to flexible manufacture
Mobilität durch Information perfekt steuern
Energieeffizienz, minimale Wartung, Sicherheit, Wirtschaftlichkeit