Outdoor monitor steles

Digital upgrading for VBZ stopping points

The upgraded stopping points can be found at various hotspots in Zurich.

Advertising, information systems, traffic signs – digitalisation is everywhere to be seen. That’s why it’s important for companies get on board in good time. Zurich Public Transport (VBZ) has now taken this leap with a number of its stopping points.

Together with APG and Kilchenmann, BURRI implemented the project in line with the respective competencies.

Throughout, it was important for VBZ to preserve the existing look of its stopping points. This has most definitely been achieved – the stops are now digitally upgraded and a uniform solution has been put in place for all locations.

The upgraded stopping points can be found at a range of hotspots in Zurich, for example at Central, the Opernhaus (Opera House), as well as at Löwenplatz, Albisriedenplatz and Bürkliplatz.

The supporting structure is adaptable to all of the different locations, while the mounting is individualized at each of the stopping points. Likewise the colour choices for the panelling, which are enamelled (grey and anthracite tones) to match the existing shelters.

Because the project involved the use of outdoor monitors, only the highest quality materials were used.