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April 2019

A cooperation with Bankkultur.ch

A BURRI-bench on tour

The hiking bench is no less than the Landi bench. In the next seven months, it travels across Switzerland.

The association Bankkultur has set itself the goal of making benches better known. To give them a face and a voice, to tell their story and to impart knowledge. The association realizes its vision with innovative and creative projects. In 2018 it initiated the interactive bench map Bankgeheimnisse.ch.

Now - in 2019, an unusual bench will be on tour. It aims to draw the public's attention to the versatile significance of benches for health, hiking, recreation and social cohesion. The benches move from canton to canton and literally frame cultural and traditional events as well as the charming Swiss countryside.

BURRI supports the project with a Landi bench, which lends the hiking bench its well-known face. The Landi travels through all language regions of Switzerland and stops at 10 hosts. You can find out more about the programme at www.wanderbank.ch.