From display cabinets to signal gantries, angular pylons and benches, all the way to highly efficient luminaires


Hardbrücke and Hardplatz were equipped with various public elements

10 December 2017 was the opening day for the Hardbrücke tram connection – a traffic planning milestone for the city of Zurich and Zurich Public Transport. Thereby, the bus stop infrastructure for the new tram stations at Hardbrücke railway station is supplied by BURRI public elements AG.

Full-perimeter stainless steel subsections were constructed around the V-pillars supporting the station roof. The pillars are accessible for the visually impaired, with an approximately 3-4 cm high rim.

The custom ‘Picknick Hardbrücke’ benches with wooden covers, as well as the display cabinets, are mounted on a specially designed stainless steel substructure. Here, the frames of the substructure have been adapted to the specific circumstances at Hardbrücke station. The whole ensemble is rounded off by freestanding steles. Precise and reliable signal systems were constructed on Hardbrücke bridge to ensure that trams and private traffic can pass one another without issue. Also to this end, the angular pylons and signal bridges from BURRI are manufactured to a minimum tolerance.  The bus and tram stops have also been outfitted with rectangular LED lamps. The ‘Convenience Store’ – a work by architect Kai Flender – ideally complements the range of public infrastructure.

At night, the Hardplatz shines in the best possible light thanks to LOOP LED circular catenary luminaires. The special ‘Landi Hardplatz’ bench is based on the design of the classic Landi model from 1939, and was created together with Kaspar Hartmann from ASP Landschaftsarchitekten AG and Sophia Berdelis, Project Manager for urban planning at Zurich Structural Engineering Office.