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Bench-table-bench kit

Designed by Alfred Altherr and Charles Hoch, the Landi has become an inherent part of the Swiss urban landscape.

Designed for the Swiss National Exhibition in 1939, the Landi bench has been in service for decades – in public parks and city squares, at viewpoints and in Swiss railway stations. Weather resistance, durability and ageless form make the Landi a popular bench for multiple applications in the public domain.

In addition to the expansion of the seating range, there are now numerous adaptations to the Landi family, based on the original basic structure and wood profile.

The Landi bench for elderly people is especially designed for the needs of older users. The seat height, reclining- and seat angle as well as armrests are developed together with senior citizens' organizations and professionals. Alongside the proven ergonomics, the smooth NATWOOD slats help optimize usability and, combined with the armchair, assist older users in sitting down and standing up. This added value makes the bench particularly popular in retirement homes and hospitals.

The Landi multi-edge benches provide the option of multiple seating configurations – always in the time-honored Landi style. Multi-edge formations with a range of angles and self-contained seating formations are possible in the same wood cross-section as the original benches. This means that there is always a suitable seating option along building facades or in the shade of a tree. They also serve as a spatial boundary to outward-swinging paths.

The Landi Round benches provide solutions for circular, continuous or segmented seating formations, for example as tree bench or self-contained seating group.

Using a gentle own-developed method of steam-bending, the different radii of the wooden slats can be bent along the wood grain – without stress and with no loss of the outstanding material properties and high durability.

This Landi special furniture is BURRI’s response to the diverse requirements and usage habits of the modern public domain.


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