The right care - for a longer lifespan of your BURRI products

Here you will find information on the optimal maintenance of your BURRI products, including the appropriate care products with usage instructions, as well as ordering options.

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Contents of the wooden elements care box

Wooden Box
Made from Swiss wood, oiled, manufactured by the Humanitas Foundation Horgen. The Humanitas Foundation offers a diverse and inclusive range of work and educational opportunities for adults with disabilities from the Horgen region, as well as residential places with varying levels of support

BURRI Squeegee Blade
Two-sided BURRI squeegee blade "Landi plus," one side with curvature and finger spacing for Landi bench slats, the other side for all flat wooden bench slats.

Adhesive Remover
Effective adhesive remover in a reusable and recyclable 100ml glass bottle for all adhesive residues, especially stubborn stickers and sticker residues.

Sweeping brush from Swiss production for the fine cleaning of bench slats.

Rubio Monocoat
Exterior Woodcleaner: Special wood cleaning agent, degreases and renews the wood and evens out the color (diluted with water).

Cleaning Cloth
White cleaning cloth, so the bench does not discolor during cleaning.

Reusable gloves made from fair trade vegan natural rubber.

Special screws: 6 specially sandblasted wood screws. They provide better grip due to the rough surface.

Instructions for wooden care box elements

1. Use gloves when working with Rubio Monocoat Exterior Wood Cleaner or Glue Remover.

2. Moisten the wood surface with water, do not use a high-pressure cleaner, but a garden hose.

3. Use the Landi plus scraper blade to remove e.g. moss or other coarse dirt on and between the slats. Make sure that you adjust the scraping pressure depending on the dirt. Use the curved Landi radius or the flat side of the blade, depending on the type of debris.

4. the Rubio Monocoat Exterior Wood Cleaner can be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:4. Then apply the Wood Cleaner to the wood with a brush and clean (scrub) the surfaces to be treated. Repeat the treatment for stubborn stains.

5. Rinse thoroughly with water until the foam is completely removed.

6. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly.

7. If there is adhesive or adhesive residue on the wood or metal frame, spray the adhesive with the adhesive remover, leave to act briefly and then wipe off the adhesive or adhesive residue with a clean (white) cloth. On varnished wood, we recommend a test on a concealed area beforehand.

8. Tighten loose slats; use BURRILOC screws from the care box for missing or ineffective screws.

9. Do you have any questions about using the care box or any other concerns? Then please contact our Life Cycle Care Team.

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Roman Hollenstein

Responsible Life Cycle Care product field,
Responsible Product Management, KAM

+41 (0)44 521 07 58
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picture Pflegebox 4
picture Pflegebox 4

Life Cycle Care

Care box wooden elements


Everything you need for professional maintenance and care of your benches – in a practical and attractive wooden box.

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