Maintaining the power of public spaces

Through decades of experience in equipping public spaces, BURRI has developed processes and instruments to avoid neglect of these important living and meeting spaces. With a holistic approach and the use of Life Cycle Care, we thus jointly preserve the positive aura and magic of the infrastructure.

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Preserving the power of public spaces

The public space cycle visualises the magic that public space does for a functioning city. Vibrant public spaces are characterised by a high degree of participation of the population in public life. This in turn means that people feel safe and a sense of belonging in a place and experience a high quality of life when they move around in public spaces. If this is successful, one can assume a high level of social integration among city dwellers.

Identification creates participation

Only when I speak of "my" city or "my neighbourhood" and feel that way do I become active, enliven the public space with my regular presence and ensure that others follow my example. A maintenance concept is central to this.

Regular maintenance forms the basis

Well-maintained outdoor spaces are a sign of appreciation towards the population. Only when I feel safe and comfortable in public spaces, when my needs are met, will I become a committed ambassador for my city or neighbourhood.

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Public spaces are more important than buildings. They make a city alive.

Amanda Burden, ehem. Stadtplanerin von New York City

Different needs of owners and users of public space

"No issues in public spaces" - that is the wish of both owners and users of public spaces alike. This is achieved when the intersection of the needs of infrastructure operators (public authorities or property owners) and users of public spaces is met.

Well-mixed user groups in a public space increase safety, reduce vandalism and littering, and promote social integration and identification. As a result, maintenance and repair costs are reduced. For example, in places where seniors and parents with their children gather, there are no unobserved moments that could lead to willful damage.

Our business sector, "Life Cycle Care," is dedicated to the maintenance of public spaces - from spare parts and data analysis to consultation and the relaunch of products that left our production facilities decades ago and are now brought up to the latest technological standards.

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Life Cycle Care