Refreshing existing elements with a relaunch - often not only cost-efficient, but also sustainable.

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A fresh look on current foundations

When renovations are due, it’s often the smaller and less exposed public spaces that end up being neglected. This is often because funds are lacking. Here, a relaunch or a partial renewal can offer a helping hand. Here, subcomponents or obsolete components are replaced with new technologies, with no renewal of the overall infrastructure and with no expensive civil engineering or surfacing work. In many respects, our products are designed to make partial renewal easy and fully standardised. This makes it possible to take changing needs into account, such as making infrastructure suitable for seniors and the disabled.

The latest technology in a classic design

Are you looking to retain the unique character and design of your historical and proven infrastructure while also making the most of modern technologies? BURRI has the expertise to implement your exacting requirements. Our specialists in the areas of development, design, metals construction, light and digitisation are happy to take on the challenge and work together with you to develop precisely what you need.

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