Technical upgrades

BURRI designs and develops products in such a way that theyand can be upgraded or converted with new technologies, even after decades.

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Ready for the future

The BURRI LED Technology Guarantee covers a period that is agreed with the customer, ensuring that there are no additional costs for future upgrades or updates to key technologies. This includes the option to add functions at a later date (e.g. wireless control) or to upgrade to later advances in LED technology.

BURRI develops its own sensor modules (CAT), which measure inclination, speeds, temperatures, utilisation intensity, noise, etc. These can be retrofitted to existing infrastructures such as public transport stopping points or seating areas. The data is sent to the cloud via LoRa (Low-Power WAN) and clearly summarised and graphically displayed in the software developed by BURRI. Find out more at

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Service goes digital

BURRI has developed a service tool that is specifically designed for public elements, which makes it even simpler to manage objects and to attach and localise documents, texts and images. You can record faults and damage and initiate repair orders with ease as well as dispatch them directly to the service technician, who can immediately access the damage report or order from their mobile device. In turn, they can confirm the completion of the work and add important information. It is also easy to document and plan regular maintenance work. With clear reporting, you enjoy a reliable overview of the current status of outstanding orders as well as partially completed and completed orders. Other modules such as the ‘Public’ module offer additional services including information for users and user feedback on satisfaction and facility conditions.

The municipality of St. Moritz is very happy with the results: “We’re glad we opted for this solution. As a contractor, BURRI understands your concerns and will keep them in focus over the many years of use of the public elements.

St. Moritz light boxes

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