Maintenance & Cleaning - the bedrock of high operational reliability

Regular maintenance of the Public Elements has a preventive effect against vandalism. Expensive repairs are reduced.

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A squeaking hinged door of a showcase, a loose bench slat, a loose or missing screw on a waste bin...
With regular maintenance by our specialists, small inconsistencies and defects are discovered at an early stage and can be repaired competently, quickly and cost-effectively. Major damage is nipped in the bud by recurring maintenance of your Public Elements and the appearance and effect are maintained uninterrupted.


Our cleaning team is fully equipped and ready for every kind of dirt. We offer everything from simple container emptying, wood cleaning and graffiti removal to the comprehensive wet cleaning of entire bus stop infrastructures.

And because we work with all manner of materials in our own development and production, we know exactly which cleaning agents and tools should be used to preserve the appeal, condition and function of your public elements. We attach great importance to the use of environmentally sound cleaning agents.

In most cases, the best way to combat vandalism is to ensure dependable cleaning. Once vandals have left their first marks, speedy removal is proven to help prevent subsequent vandalism.

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Yves Bertolini

Responsible Implementation Life Cycle Care

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