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Public spaces are waypoints for the population. They are predestined for the information of people. BURRI offers various systems for the digital mediation of information.

The Corona situation made online information much more important in general. During the lockdown, municipalities and especially transport operators advised the public to obtain the latest timetable information online before travelling, if possible.

BURRI provides municipalities and transport operators with systems that are easy to operate and maintain for obtaining the latest timetable information in real time as well as other important information for the population. The operation of the systems is intuitive, so that even digital laymen can find their way around and start distributing information without a major introduction.

The underlying CMS system is online-based and can be accessed and edited from anywhere in the world. Videos and image data can be published with just a few mouse clicks. Various layouts are available for the screens, which can be designed with the municipality logo and colours to create the best possible identification. The system can also be combined with offline means: QR codes can be placed at bus stops or on printed timetables. As soon as these are scanned by the user, he or she immediately receives the timetable and other information on his or her smartphone.


With easyDFI you have the possibility to combine information. Municipal information and real-time timetables can be displayed together. While the passenger information can be set up separately for each stop in Switzerland, they can display changing event information and other information relevant to the population in the half of the screen next to it. easyDFI is suitable for transport operators as well as for municipalities and cities.

  • Online-based and with simple CMS (backend) for uncomplicated provision of content
  • With real-time timetable information for all stops in Switzerland available without restrictions
  • Parallel publication of timetable information and multimedia content such as video, image and text data
  • With various layout options
  • Individualisation and whitelabelling through branding function
  • Can be ordered as a complete package including bus shelter and monitor
  • Can be ordered as an extension for existing screens
picture Easy dfi lachen 1

cityDISPLAY - Touchscreens with direct connection to your CMS

With cityDISPLAY, you have a multifunctional display in the public space for information, orientation and exchange. The display is directly connected to your CMS and automatically receives information (e.g. event calendar, news).

With many functions such as map module, POI module, service module, walks module.

picture City Display Riehen

remoteTOUCH - touchless control of touchscreen

Your customers control the touch display with their personal smartphone. The connection takes place via a QR code.