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Smart solutions for public spaces with the online management system Manage and direct your Public Elements® with the cloud solution. With BURRI's integral web platform, you always have a suitable tool for a wide range of applications.

BURRI intelligentLIGHT

With BURRI's control solution, you control and regulate the lighting level based on the number and presence of people and adjusted to current light and weather conditions. The control is based on mini cameras that are installed in public elements. These can be bus shelters, light boxes, control cabinets and similar installations. The cameras transmit movements to software that can detect the presence of people in the freely adjustable coverage area. Using satellite data applicable to the location (thickness and nature of the cloud cover), the software calculates how much light is needed due to the weather-related situation on site, whether a predefined twilight value has been exceeded and switches on the lighting accordingly. Twilight switches and infrared sensors are definitely a thing of the past. In addition, the control system is designed in such a way that each luminaire connected to the control system can be regulated separately, individually and with remote access. Adjustments to the parameters are possible with just a few clicks via the customer portal.

The control system also takes into account life cycle and sustainability considerations. The service life of intelligently controlled luminaires is extended by many more years. The energy requirement of a system is halved compared to conventionally operated systems.

In addition, the system reports impairments or problems with the luminaires directly to the contacts integrated in the backend. Of course, you can also send a message to the BURRI helpdesk and we will take care of your system directly.

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BURRI sensorBOLLARD detect when they are crooked or have been hit or knocked over. Thanks to the built-in acceleration and inclination sensor, the bollard detects changes in its position in real time and reports changes in position to the specified locations in real time. The built-in sensor (CAT) additionally measures environmental data such as temperature, humidity, ozone concentration and volume and can thus be perfectly used for recording location conditions in the smart city.

The cover of the bollards with smart extension is made of impact-resistant plastic, and the integrated sensor technology BURRI CAT sends data to the cloud via LoRA (Low-Power WAN). The smart sensor transmits the live data constantly and energy-efficiently with an optimised transmission power, so that the built-in battery has a service life of 5 years. All measurement data can be viewed via the web platform and the user receives automated notifications in case of malfunction situations.

picture BURRI Sensor Poller