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Massive construction and special materialization – the winning choice for the London Athlete's Village and beyond.

The sturdiness of this seating system, originally developed as part of the Swiss National Exhibition Expo.02, was behind its selection for the Olympic Village in Stratford, London. In terms of sustainability and user-friendliness, the project was subject to the very highest standards. Ultimately, the flexible BURRI 02 Bench required only minimal customization in order to fulfil British Disability Discrimination Act Standards.

The base frames and brackets are solid stainless steel. The ergonomic seats and reclining surfaces are constructed using aluminum profiles with a replaceable and recyclable hard rubber coating. Even at low temperatures, this combination of materials ensures comfortable seating without pressure points after use. Moreover, the special material is weatherproof, lightfast, and thanks to a high degree of self-cleaning, guarantees virtually maintenance-free and vandal-resistant durability – strong enough to cope with the strain of use in the public domain.

In both public and private spaces, the individual elements of the seating range can be combined at will, with a sled-base frame that makes it also suitable for grass or gravel. The chair and armchair are stackable and, if required, can be locked with a simple bar lock.

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