BURRI is a competence center for public spaces. Since our foundation over 120 years ago, we have stood for three essential aspects: Design - Quality - Reliability.

We were and are a craft business. What we manufacture, produce and sell is a reflection of our expertise. We promise that our craftsmanship is the result of the interplay of different talents, diverse skills and many years of knowledge of all employees at BURRI and its partner companies. Our craftsmanship is characterized by a generally understandable, timeless design language, high functionality in use, the best workmanship and high-quality materials. Created with the unique dexterity that people who think and act like craftsmen have learned and internalized from the bottom up.

We define ourselves through our professional pride and a high work ethic as well as our humility towards the responsible task of making public spaces a better place for people to live.

We are a competence center for public spaces.

Product and sustainability promise
BURRI product and sustainability promise

We create lasting value and quality of life – in the service of society

We create quality of life for our fellow human beings. This aspiration drives us and creates lasting values that bring benefits to society for a long time and over several generations. Thanks to our many years of experience as a manufacturing company, we guarantee our customers that they can turn their visions, ideas and projects into reality together with BURRI.

We have been dealing with the "human factor" for many years and have an exceptionally good understanding of the needs of users of public spaces. We transfer this knowledge into our craft in terms of functionality, appearance, feel and comfort.

BURRI is just as intensively involved with social trends and developments in public spaces as it is with research into materials or the latest technology. We engage in an intensive exchange with our environment. Practiced cross-industry innovation, our ear to the market, knowledge of changes in the climate and biodiversity, the geopolitical situation and society as a whole have a direct influence on our craft. That is why we claim to have a thorough understanding of the needs of those responsible for the provision and operation of public spaces and to be able to supplement this with practical know-how.

Combined with the knowledge that BURRI acquires in daily maintenance, prudent operation, loving care and the sustainable and clever upgrading of existing facilities in public spaces, we create solutions for public spaces.

Solutions in which the benefits for society, cost-effectiveness and ease of maintenance for the owners as well as the social and ecological sustainability of the products are in harmony. Our craft is design - quality - reliability. Our craftsmanship is our product and sustainability promise to you!

Customer promise
BURRI Customer promise
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