Guidance system 400 mm

The modular guidance system for the "readable city".

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Made in Switzerland
20 years replacement parts guarantee

BURRI's signposting system developed by Werner Egli is a modular advancement of BURRI's Soleil poster panel system. The signage stands for Zurich's signposting system represent a modular further development of the original. The printed panels can be divided up as required and added to and replaced without tools. The new digital printing technique with an anti-graffiti surface is equally an innovation for signage systems. The stands were given standard foundations by the civil engineering office. They thus comply with the high requirements for urban furnishings. The design, material and production process are specifically suited to the extreme requirements of public spaces. Recognisability, functionality, flexibility and clarity of content and graphic information are major requirements when it comes to orientation in the city.

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Guidance system 400 mm