cityGREEN ferroARTUS plant trough with 360° round bench

Planters for easy and flexible urban greenery - wherever tree pits cannot be created. When complemented with circular benches, ferroARTUS becomes a comfortable seating solution.

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  • Ferro ARTUS 10
Made in Switzerland
domestic wood
20 years replacement parts guarantee

The greening of cities and public spaces is gaining increasing importance, as it not only has an aesthetic impact but also enhances people's well-being and contributes to the improvement of urban climates. Often, in densely built urban areas, it is challenging to find sufficient space for trees. Existing utility lines, sewer blocks, or underground parking garages are frequently obstacles to creating tree pits

The mobile planter requires no excavation or paving work, allowing for quick and easy greening of urban and street spaces. ferroARTUS accommodates small to medium-sized trees and shrubs and can be easily relocated using a forklift or crane. These large-volume planters are made of hot-dip galvanized steel using the metal pressing process, ensuring exceptional stability. Metal pressing is a proven craft that minimizes resource usage. The metal press operator requires a high level of skill and experience, embodying the finest BURRI craftsmanship tradition.

ferroARTUS can be used either as a standalone planter, with an integrated circular or semi-circular bench, or in combination with a freestanding Landi circular bench. This makes ferroARTUS not only a tool for urban greening but also provides comfortable seating with integrated shade. The planters can be easily and quickly relocated, offering significant added value for events or construction work.

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cityGREEN ferroARTUS plant trough with 360° round bench

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