SHINE in Zug Catastrophe Bay

The lake promenade in Zug is being illuminated by a 120-meter-long line of LED lighting.

In the summer of 1887, parts of the distinctive promenade on the shores slid into Lake Zug. Thereafter known as «Catastrophe Bay», the community has made continual improvements to the living situation area north of the town centre. Today, the district is characterised, among other things, by its beautiful town square as well as excellent infrastructure and traffic management.

Together with lighting designer and architect Reto Marty from nachtaktiv GmbH, Burri public elements has developed and installed a continuous 120-meter-long light line for the lakefront. The diffuse light is manually controlled and can be dimmed according to need. Within the scope of the project, a choice was made for a light colour of 3000 K, warm white, for the optimal illumination of the already colourfully decorated walls and adjacent promenade.

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