LK3000 F12 freestanding

Simple design, minimum construction depth of 12cm, free-standing, double-sided or single-sided

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Made in Switzerland
20 years replacement parts guarantee

Fitted with the latest LED lighting technology, equipped with our BURRI Swiss Economy LED light dispersion module, the City Lights LK3000 are convincing through their perfect light distribution at a minimal overall depth. Besides the Swiss central railway terminals, the BURRI Light Box LK3000 is also encountered at Zurich Airport and in the entire public space in Switzerland. The small overall depth of 12cm as well as the frameless safety glass casements complies with the sophisticated design requirements in the public space. 

It enables optimal display of advertising, artwork or information even in spatially difficult situations. The system can be implemented as backlit poster light box or as showcase with magnetic rear panel. High luminance, optimum handling, vandal-proof design and low electricity consumption make the BURRI City Light Poster Light Box LK3000 a public element suitable for everyday use.

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LK3000 F12 freestanding