LK2000 F200 in bus shelter

Der bewährte Werbe- und Informationsträger mit hohem Beachtungsgrad

Cityplan Wartehalle Bern 3 DSC 0102 web
  • Cityplan Wartehalle Bern 3
  • DSC 0102 web
Made in Switzerland
20 years replacement parts guarantee

The BURRI Light Boxes 2000 are information and advertising media with a high degree of attention. More than 4000 installations have proven successful in a variety of situations in public spaces and railway stations. In addition to poster advertising, the model is also suitable as an information carrier for city maps and cultural information. The very good luminosity and light distribution with only 2 x 30W power are decisive. The tried and tested technical details make the Burri Light Box 2000 the first choice for information and advertising in exposed outdoor locations. They were developed for extreme weather conditions and frequent and rapid changes of subject.

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LK2000 F200 in bus shelter