AK3000 F4 freestanding

simple display cases for the public space, minimum overall depth of only 12cm

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Made in Switzerland
20 years replacement parts guarantee

BURRI City Lights display cabinets are based on the frameless profile technology of the thousand fold tried and tested light boxes for poster advertising, LK3000 free-standing and LK4000 for wall mounting. The overall depth for unlit display cabinets for wall mounting is a mere 6.5cm, for illuminated showcases 6.5cm. The free-standing, double-sided systems with supports have an overall depth of only 12cm. The display cabinets are equipped with standard magnetic rear panel and can be fitted universally in towns, museums, larger housing estates, military facilities etc. Design, material and workmanship are constructed specifically for the heavy exposure in the public space.

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AK3000 F4 freestanding