Premium wood from our forest: Swiss ash wood can be used outdoors thanks to clever technology.

Thermally treated hardwoods achieve durability levels comparable to tropical woods. The greatly reduced equilibrium moisture content reduces the shrinkage and swelling behaviour of ARBODUR® by 50-60%, which also significantly reduces warping and warping of the wood. In addition, the natural durability against fungi, insects and bacteria is improved.

When ARBODUR® is finished, the open wood pores are filled with wax by injection, which minimises capillary water absorption into the wood. This in turn accelerates the drying of damp wood surfaces.

The Institute for Materials and Wood Technology / Competence Centre for Wood Modification and Surface Technology at the Bern University of Applied Sciences for Architecture, Wood and Construction has tested ARBODUR as part of a weathering test in accordance with the EN 927-6 and EN 4628-4 standards.

picture Arbodur
picture Arbodur Technorama 9