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Our Mission

BURRI is more than just a company and a place to work

BURRI is an attitude to life, putting people and their desire to achieve a vision into central focus

An attitude to life based on the assumption that our reality is created by human intellect alone. This means that realities can be newly created and changed – by our intellect, which controls perception and is therefore able to create any number of new realities. To ensures that this works at an optimum level, the self-reliant individual requires kindness, maximum freedom of thought and action and a sense of (emotional) belonging – home environment.

Our vision

"Public spaces are more important than buildings. They make a city alive."

Amanda Burden, former New York City Planner
Sir Norman Foster, World Architect

We are therefore committed to living (indoor and outdoor) public spaces where functional and aesthetic Public Elements generate a feeling of identification and convey a sense of being valued over the decades. This improves quality of life and increases the feeling of belonging  and being safe – essential requirements for social involvement and  integration.

Our values

The word from our employees


Everything that we produce can be implemented with the available  time and resources  to meet the challenges on the table.

Always the complete solution

No half-measures but always the complete, detailed solution that will work in the given context. All requirements of a specific brief will be met for the precise point in time.

Concrete proposals only

We apply all available expertise, all of our acquired experience all available systems, standards, modular systems, approaches and products and supplement this with all the context the client is able to give us and that we are familiar with from our own experience. Working from this, we develop a solution that can be implemented with close attention to detail – one that will not generate any problems during or after implementation, and at a transparent price.

No “if only’s”

Would, could, should, ought  - there is none of that with us. We don’t talk about what could have been – we do things and find solutions.


A clever solution is always a simple one – and surprising.

We like to surprise

We find simple solutions for both everyday and complex problems  - and we always surprise.

Wide interests and knowledge

Because we are interested in a wide range of subjects and remain permanently curious, we are continuously acquiring knew knowledge, which we out together in an  innovative way and apply in new contexts.

Being clever also means:

… rethinking the everyday, too

… making existing solutions work together to produce something new.

… applying exiting solutions in  new context.

… being brave enough to leave all unnecessary input aside and  add only what makes sense in the light of all of these considerations.

… avoid solutions that might be on trend and impressive, but that only make sense in only certain aspects.

… taking responsibility for whether something still makes sense, even when you think the circle has been completed.

… continually changing perspective through  open dialogue…. thinking “anti-clockwise” when the rest of the world is thinking “clockwise”.

Being clever also means fundamentally making things that make sense. We are “green” if it makes sense. We are “conservative“ if it makes sense. We are “creative” if it makes sense.

Things make sense when the result is concrete, fair and clever and the people who make it happen  are, “fully committed”.


Fair is when everything we do promotes perosnal responsibility and autonomy, when everyone works on their own initiative for the general good and everyone is happy and unresricted.

Personal responsibility

Personal responsibility means: measuring myself against the bar I set for others. I hold accountable and can therefore hold everyone else accountable. Fairness is nothing to do with receiving and everything to do with taking responsibility for one’s own actions.

Giving and receiving recognition

Satisfaction is when you feel that you have done something really well and receive the appropraite recogniton for it.

We give praise to others when they have earned it.

Do not judge - be kind.

I treat myslef and others in the way I would like to be treated.

We give everyone the chance to contribute what they know and what they can do – regardless of their status, position or educational background.

We don’t just recognise performance in a financial way.

We don’t demnd anything of anyone that they can’t do.

Making mistakes is all part of being inquisitive – and the starting point of perfection and innovation.

We don’t chalk up unavoidable msitakes.

We give erybody a second chance.

We recognise when someobody cannot act in any other way and we accept it.


Commitment is when you stay behind when everyone else has left. Committment leads to total dedication in the face of masssive difficulty and without any expectation of personal gain in future.

Even in the phases that are difficult for our cleints, as in committment is a guarantee that relationships endure beyond the difficult phases.

Clients don’t really see total committment until an error is being sorted out or a difficult situation arises.

Committement is also when you have to invest, cannot make a profit and still apply yourselves to finding a good solution – up to completion.

Above all else, being committed means taking responsibility: I am prepared to bear the consequences of my actions.

Our product promise

Delivering benefits in public spaces to last for decades and generations.

We anticipate requirements in terms of spaces and usability at an early stage and meet the biggest challenges in the areas of construction, manufacturing and assembly. The logical system approach, choice of materials and substrates and very long availability of replacement parts make any eingebauten BURRI Public Elements installed easy to maintain and upgrade at any time, meaning that they can be used for decades and the quality of the location can be preserved for the next generation. 

Our products are unique:

Good form 
- timeless aesthetic
- strong recognition factor
- highly fit for purpose
- public space “classic”

Clever function 
- innovative functionality
- user-friendly  operation and handling
- low operating costs
- easy and cost-effective to modify/upgrade
- very reliable to use (i.e. low susceptibility to defects and vandalism) 
- low maintenance and repair costs

Top quality
- carefully selected, highly durable and  sustainable materials 
- Superior workmanship  
- total cost certainty 
- Desisn flexibility
- System and replacement parts available for decades.