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Poster panel F4

Another celebrated design icon from BURRI for the public domain. Simple, highly functional and suitable for every context.

Modern and effective advertising panels have origins that go back many decades. In 1946, the grandfather of the current owners, Alois Burri, working alongside Bruno Giacometti (the brother of the famous artist), developed Switzerland’s first standardized poster panel on behalf of the APG advertising agency. The development represented the birth of the sophisticated tubular structure of flat poster panels for common formats as well as  BURRI’s first venture in advertising technology.
In response to broad calls for a coordinated and uniform overall concept following a proliferation of outdoor advertising in Zurich in the eighties, BURRI, working together with designer Fritz Gottschalk, developed the Soleil poster panel system for all common formats and utilizations. The Soleil system eventually became the standard across Switzerland.

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