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A revolution in domestically grown timber

Smallest ecological footprint combined with greatly enhanced durability

Because of its comfortable seating qualities, wood is extremely popular for seating in public places. As far back as twenty years ago, BURRI switched from tropical timber, with its poor ecological footprint, to the more ecologically sound native larch. For a long time, BURRI has searched for solutions to significantly extend the lifespan of this wood, with the further aim of reducing life cycle costs.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership with the company tilo GmbH, BURRI can now offer an innovative material upgrade, namely naturally finished NATwood. Using innovative techniques, domestically grown timbers are given improved material properties, as well as ecological benefits and prolonged durability – entirely without the use of chemicals.

A sustainable investment - weatherproof for 25 years with no treatment required

Our experience shows that, as regards wood products for use in the public domain, every second customer is concerned about longevity. Depending on the application, NATwood enables us to extend the durability of wood parts to more than ten years (durability class 1: over 25 years, according to test standard CEN/TS 15083-1) – without the use of environmentally damaging paints and lacquers.

Thanks to a special resin treatment, NATwood has an extremely smooth and hard surface that stays sealed for many years. This significantly reduces surface wear under the strain of public use, while the wood is protected against dirt, insects and fungi. Moreover, there is greatly decreased susceptibility to moss formation, while shrinkage, cracks on the front edge and warping are all dramatically reduced.

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