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Suitable for all generations

So that older people can also feel at home in the public domain

Older people – different requirements

A person’s build and posture changes over the course of a lifetime. A consequence of these changes is that older people place alternative requirements on the public space. Among other things, they are more leisurely when out and about, and mobility decreases. Sitting down and getting up become more difficult.

Essential for physical and mental health in old age

In a society with an increasing average age and a growing proportion of older people in the overall population, optimal obstacle-free access to public space is a key requirement for the physical and mental health of the so-called ‘silver society’.

Clever solutions and attractive design

That is why we developed Public Elements® that are tailored to the needs of older people. These include ergonomic adjustments and special materials (such as NATwood) that make use of the element straightforward and obstacle-free. And what is more, to the naked eye there’s nothing to suggest that they belong to the so-called Generations Public Elements®. These products fit seamlessly into the design of all other BURRI products – an important consideration, according to a study jointly conducted with Professor Nicolas Beucker.

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