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BURRI Replacement Parts

Long-term availability of replacement parts for secure investments

The Public Elements ® from BURRI are characterized by extremely high longevity. So that repairs can be carried also in 10 or 20 years, wherever possible we guarantee availability of practically time-unlimited replacement parts for our products.

Decades of availability

Even the best Public Elements will at some point require a replacement part. This is why, at BURRI, it’s a matter of course that we ensure availability of replacement parts for our products – even over a period of decades.

Thereby, we make sure to use the highest quality spare parts, and whenever possible ‘Made in Switzerland’.

Inventory – on site with client

For larger municipalities, companies or institutions, it can also be worth having a supply of BURRI replacement parts directly on site.

Our Inventory package makes it easy. Together, we determine the selection and quantity of replacement parts, and agree on stock control intervals. After each interval, we return the warehouse to the agreed stock levels, supplement items accordingly, and charge only for usage over the completed period.