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BURRI Technical Maintenance

Interruption-free operation of your public infrastructures

By this we mean the full assumption of technically demanding tasks relating to repairs, renovations or upgrades, assisted throughout by strong expertise in the areas of concrete, wood, paint, metal, glass, electrical systems and electronics.

Wide-ranging competence for demanding maintenance work

At Burri, technical maintenance is all about ensuring that your public-facing facilities are in working order at all times and can fulfil their important functions. Here, you are assisted throughout by our highly trained metal workers, carpenters, and electricians. On request, we will also be happy to assume full replacement parts management, including purchasing and returns.

BURRI Technical Maintenance & BURRI Cleaning: The worry-free package

Together with the BURRI Cleaning service, you can expect everything you need for trouble-free operation as well as high value retention for your public installations.