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BURRI Rental & Leasing

More flexibility & greater freedom

Are you looking to make a major investment in your public space but are lacking the necessary financial resources at the current time?

Then the BURRI Rental & Leasing packages are just the thing for you.

BURRI Rental

The BURRI Rental package was designed for customers with flexible requirements for their public elements.

Outdoor swimming pools that require extensive public infrastructure only during the summer months are free to rent only those elements that are needed in peak times.

Municipalities that prefer to redefine their public spaces at regular intervals can rent our products and thus retain the freedom to change to a different BURRI collection. This approach helps to ensure variety.

BURRI Leasing

The BURRI Leasing package is intended for customers who want to invest financial resources over a period of time – as opposed to all at once – in the installation of their public spaces.

Thereby, clients are free to choose the duration and scope. After an agreed period, leased items can be exchanged for new models or other collections – without major administrative burden.

BURRI Product finder:

Overview of all BURRI products which you can rent or lease