Advertising space as design element

Waiting area Bahnhofplatz Zurich

Light box system with only 65mm overall depth

LK 4000, extra-flat and energy-efficient

During  the renovation process of the large-scale waiting areas at  the Bahnhofplatz in Zurich, the light boxes for poster advertising were an important component of the design. Light boxes in  outdoor spaces usually have an overall depth of more than 17cm, whereas the overall depth of the new LK4000 by BURRI could be reduced to under 6.5 cm. This was the structural requirement  for equipping the rear walls of the waiting areas measuring over 70m with light boxes and utilizing the gaps for installations. The overall depth of only 65mm enabled the installation of electric control panels, drains and vent pipes in the gaps. Half of all wall elements were designed as transparent alcoves. In collaboration with lighting planners, BURRI developed these alcoves with special anti-glare lights for illuminating ceilings/platforms, manufacturingthem based on the LK 4000.

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