Biggest urbanistic development-project in London for 100 years

Athlete's Village - London (BURRI 02 benches, bollards & Public Bins)

London Athletes Village, 2012 Summer Olympics

Quality & sustainability perfected

In keeping with the construction of the international train station at Stratford in London, it was proposed that a new city precinct be established within the erstwhile industrial area. This was to set new standards in terms of sustainability and lifestyle. This project was definitively launched once the 2012 Summer Olympics were commissioned. Planning incorporated the largest new park to be established in London in 150 years; spanning over 10 hectares in total and housing more than 3,000 trees. It was to serve as London's new "green lung". For a number of years, BURRI public elements has adopted a sustainable approach in all its development-projects, with focus on low life cycle costs and flexibility.

Products used

Making of

Competencies deployed in development: 
Design and prototyping
Materials and technology
Development and construction

Streamlined adaptation

From mega-project to individual infrastructure elements

Bovis Lend Lease was obligated to comply with all standards specific to "products for the public domain" that subsisted within the parameters of this project. However, in this multi-billion Euro undertaking, it was difficult to obtain an overview of the standards. Among others, the following standards were to be observed: British Standard 8300:2009, Inclusive Mobility, Olympic Authority Inclusive Design Standards and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). For this reason, BURRI commissioned a well-known firm of architects based in London to carry out a design review and engineering approval procedure specific to the desired public elements. The standards that were, in part, even contradictory could thus be efficiently implemented in a short space of time in collaboration with various decision-makers.

Precision work with a strong team

Seamless teamwork guaranteed swift, targeted execution

The first insights in terms of design, systemic flexibility and sustainability were asserted in London as early as in 2009 in association with Vogt Landscape Limited. Implementation was assigned to Bovis Lend Lease. Thereafter, details pertaining to implementation and processing were defined in conjunction with the lead design team and the coating technique identified. The preparation of a model park and the associated logistical plans was ultimately coordinated in conjunction with P.J. Carey Ltd.

High standards of implementation

Sustainability - from procurement to disposal

The Athletes Village project demanded a well refined sustainability strategy. Following intensive testing that included the blasting of individual products, the project progressed to its second phase after being fully approved by the London authorities. After conducting an analysis of the detailed material and recycling specifications, decision-makers and those commissioned with sustainability in London assured themselves, with specificity to BURRI in Glattbrugg, of the quality of fabrication, the quality control mechanisms and the origin of all parts. Since multiple landscape designers were entrusted with the implementation of the facility, a model park was constructed on site, according to which all sub-surfaces and fixing variants were realised on a 1:1 basis. This constituted the benchmark for the quality of all work carried out during the implementation phase.