Cantonal Hospital of Graubünden – signage, orientation and furniture for the exterior space

The Cantonal Hospital of Graubünden is the largest construction site in all of eastern Switzerland. By 2022, around 430 million francs is set to be invested in renovation, conversion and new construction in order to prepare the institution for future requirements. The new H1 and H2 buildings by Staufer & Hasler Architects BSA SIA, which comprise over 70,000 m2 of floor space, will safeguard future outpatient and inpatient treatment for the entire region.

With Covid-19 arriving in time to coincide with construction as well as the daily activity of the hospital, the past years have posed a particular challenge. Against this backdrop, we at BURRI are pleased to have made a small contribution to the experiences of patients, visitors and hospital staff.

The signage elements, which were developed and implemented by BURRI in collaboration with signage specialists Urs Stuber as well as Staufer & Hasler Architects, make significant improvements to orientation, route-finding and identification. One of the more difficult challenges in the course of the project was the flush integration of analogue and digital signage elements in a wide variety of wall claddings and materials.Essential to the realisation was the particularly flat design of the LK4000 light boxes with hinged glass panels.

Meanwhile, in the exterior area of the hospital, specially designed Landi benches invite patients, visitors and hospital staff to linger and relax in the Graubünden sun. Following an extensive prototyping process, the client ultimately opted in favour of the Landi line of products. These are not only suitable in terms of design but also functionality, and thanks to the diverse range of models, they were judged to be the ideal candidate for the hospital's outdoor facilities. With this choice, it is possible to ensure usability for all user groups, in particular the disabled and the elderly.