On the ‘Bridge of Wonder’ at Technorama Winterthur

BURRI Landscape outdoor furniture featuring ARBODUR

For many, it’s a long-cherished dream: experiencing the magic of engineering with all of your senses. This is now a staple feature of the Technorama Park, namely a ‘shower’ on the Wunderbrücke accompanied by the sensation of five tonnes of water hurtling into the depths. The name Wunderbrücke – ‘Bridge of Wonder’ – says it all.

The two planning teams of Conzett Bronzini Partner AG and Krebs und Herde GmbH have created an exciting new interactive structure for the Technorama-Park. For its choice of outdoor furniture, the science park selected BURRI Landscape seating featuring the new and innovative material ARBODUR. Technorama Winterthur explicitly requested a solution that makes use of Swiss wood. With ARBODUR, BURRI could offer a resilient and long-lasting solution that is made from a Swiss raw material. ARBODUR, which is manufactured using processed solid ash timber, is the Swiss alternative to tropical wood for outdoor use. Assisted by some clever technological trickery, this natural raw material is specially refined for outdoor applications. This makes the wood resilient and durable, with minimal cracking and quick drying. At the same time, the product promotes the use of Swiss wood as an important CO2 reservoir.