Monitor steles for Zurich Airport’s baggage reclaim

In recent years, BURRI has been pleased to act as a partner for Zurich Airport AG. Now, BURRI has implemented another challenging project at Zurich Airport,namely the manufacturing and installation of new monitor racks for the baggage reclaim in Arrivals Hall 2.

The design of the monitor supports is based on the existing rack structure for the 86-inch monitors and the racks in the new hall that were already modified one year ago. With this approach, it was possible to produce and assemble the steles on schedule and in a relatively short time span.Each of the new constructions holds three 42-inch monitors. Thereby, the development for the monitors posed a particular challenge as each monitor requires the routing of one data cable and one power line through the slim supports. The racks themselves are made from sheet steel and aluminium with an extremely low depth. As such, the construction is appealing not only in terms of design but also offers straightforward operation and maintenance. 

The new monitor racks are for passenger information at baggage reclaim as well as advertising. Passengers are informed via the 42-inch monitors when their luggage is ready for collection on the belt conveyor.BURRI also assembled the finished racks on site.