Zurich Main Station

HUB pendant luminaires

SBB Immobilien has awarded BURRI the contract for the entire lighting system for the main and transverse hall in Zurich Main Station. This also included the development of two custom pendant luminaires. Each of the HUB hall luminaires – created in collaboration with Vogt and partners – are mounted on the ceiling using two rods and a ball head.

Their standout features are interchangeable light units, a ball head for infinitely adjustable horizontal alignment of the luminaire, and integrated bird protection. BURRI was responsible for design and production as well as the coordination of the onsite assembly.

The luminaires (IP65) were implemented in two sizes: small luminaires 85W (10,000 lm) for the main hall and large luminaires for the transverse hall with a power of 170 W (20,000 lm). Both emit a pleasant light temperature of 4000 K. Lenses and shades reduce glare to a minimum.

Thanks to the straightforwardly exchangeable light unit, the builtin LED technology and the DALI interface, the lights are not only ecologically sound but also powerful and, thanks to the individual diffusing lenses, precisely adapted to the locational requirements.