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June 2019

800m2 solar system

BURRI generates solar energy

The solar system covers around half of annual electricity needs.

Clean energy – this was always and continues to be a goal of BURRI public elements, and that is why, since July 2019, BURRI has been drawing energy from the sun. Our very own star is the largest and safest source of energy of all. Its energy is available every day and can be used directly on site, and there are no transport costs or conduction losses. For BURRI, solar systems represent quality of life and environmental awareness.

The trend in solar systems is moving towards east-west plants, which enable a constant flow of electricity over the entire day. Modules with an east-west alignment are likewise installed at BURRI. These save space by eliminating the shadows produced by south-facing solar panels and generate more power on a flat roof.

A total of 472 solar modules are installed across a 800m2 roof-mounted complex that covers one-half of BURRI's annual electrical energy needs. The entire solar system has a peak output of 146,000 watts, and throughout, BURRI has opted for monocrystalline solar modules for their superior quality, high efficiency, long service life and greater robustness.

With the completion of the system, BURRI has laid the foundations for an environmentally friendly and vibrant future.