! TRAM ! – also identifiable from a peripheral angle

Tram signal

BURRI provided the first tram signal of its kind for the VBG, the Glattal Transport Authority.

The tram masts used at the present time are provided at the tip with a symbol which lights up. As a result of reported near-accidents and incidents, at the tram departure point, at eye level, a flashing “!TRAM!” signal is now displayed. This is much more eye-catching, and despite the lower viewpoint it can still be readily seen from the peripheral area.

With this project BURRI created the initial concept, and supported the obtaining of approval for the test phase from the Federal Office of Transport (BAV).

At the Glattalbahn tram stops Lindberghplatz and Ringwiesen, ZHAW carried out questionnaires, eye- and person tracking. In order to determine cause-and-effect connections, the ZHAW also carried out tests before installation, directly after installation, and after 18 months. If the signal demonstrably increases attention, the tram signal has potential on the entire Glattalbahn-stretch of the VBG.

The signal should be as unobtrusive as possible, but nevertheless robust enough and have space for the electronics. Thanks to precise development and production, BURRI has thoroughly mastered this challenge. 

Particular attention was paid overall to resistance, ease of access from the outside for maintenance, and good legibility of the text when switched on, as well as absence of legibility when the signal is switched off.