Inclusion – public space must be accessible to all people


Social inclusion only takes place in public space if everyone can enjoy it without restriction. BURRI public elements AG is committed to this philosophy and has various products in its product range.

The products are adapted to the needs of different generations, people with reduced mobility, wheelchair users, blind and visually impaired people.

The inclusion furniture differs visually from ordinary outdoor furniture only at second glance.

Products are available for all needs. Some elements are consistently designed to meet the needs of seniors. Others can be dentified by touch from all sides using a cane. Good contrast conditions help the visually impaired to recognize the contours better. Optimised seat surfaces and transfer surfaces adapted to the ergonomics of wheelchair users make transfers from wheelchairs to seating elements as easy as possible. There are elements with and without armrests and backrests, so that as many types of use are possible. Each model is completely made in Switzerland, sturdily built and attractive to look at.

BURRI has developed and tested individual products in cooperation with universities, the Swiss Federation of the Blind and the Swiss Agency for Obstacle-Free Architecture. Some of them are produced in cooperation with a social institution.