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Stainless Steel

The removable BURRI stainless steel bollard is the intelligent barrier solution designed by Grimshaw & Partner Industrial Design, London.

The stainless steel Ø 104 mm or Ø 76 mm bollard is the intelligent block solution developed by BURRI together with the top designers of Grimshaw Partner Industrial Design London.

Thanks to the patented predetermined breaking point, there is no need for repairs to the ground surface nor is there any damage to a post should it be knocked over. Made of durable stainless steel, the barrier posts are scratch and dent-resistant. Even after many years of use, the surface continues to look attractive and if necessary, it is easy to polish the posts to their former shine.

An optional double lock now permits simultaneous integration into two different locking systems, i.e. a cylinder lock and a 3-sided lock.

Design: Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners, Industrial Design, London


Optional Design & Materials: 
various standard lengths
diameter 104mm
in various colors
in stainless steel
stainless steel base frame
color base frame
Functional Options: 
3-sided lock
as bicycle bollard
with chain barrier
with bayonet twist lock
with double lock
with base plate
with hand rail
with KABA 5000 lock
with reflector strip
Mounting Options: 
in ground sleeve with bayonet fastening
for bolting to site-side foundation / finished flooring
Special dowels for mounting on compact ground
Special base for shallow installation depth
Protective casing with cover
Bollard ground sleeve
Cover plate for ground sleeve

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