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A fresh challenge for BURRI in Germany

METRO LED luminaires in Dresden

The city of Dresden has commissioned BURRI public elements AG with the illumination of its Fetscher Street

In Dresden, BURRI has been awarded the tender for the lighting of the vital traffic artery between Waldschlösschen Bridge and the Großer Garten park with its Summer Palace and zoo. This will encompass the installation of numerous METRO 150 catenary suspended luminaires and METRO 60 crossbeams. The crucial factors in awarding the tender included the necessary competencies to adapt to customer requirements and the ability to institute a coherent and efficient project together with the contracting entity. Among other activities, the project has required the development of a unique mount that is in harmony with the design of the METRO LED luminaire and takes the Dresden cityscape into particular consideration. Construction work is expected to begin in February 2018.

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