Two-tier parking for cyclists

Dübendorf Nord cycle park

New parking space on the north side of town.

Dübendorf is a well-known historical site for Swiss aviation. The lovely location on the river Glatt is appreciated by residents and visitors alike – ideal for extended cycle tours through the Zurich Unterland. Furthermore, the habitants of Dübendorf appear to like their exemplary connection of slow- and public traffic. The promotion of cycle- and pedestrian traffic has always been an important part of the city’s development and has become a permanent component of the overall transport concept.

Thus, the parking possibilities around the station – prominently on the north side – had to be extended. There has long been parking for cycles to the south, where there is more room. The problem was the lack of space. This is why it was decided to go for a two-tier structure jointly designed by BURRI public elements and E. Feldmann AG, which is both user-friendly and extendable due to its modular design. Hot-dip galvanized steel and an anti-graffiti coating make it very robust - highly valued in public spaces - with built-in overhead lighting and rain drainage putting the finishing touches to this superior product.

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