Digitisation of existing analogue advertising space

Shopfronts for public buildings

More and more companies rely on digital advertising.

In the course of technical innovation and economic optimisation, companies are challenged to continuously update their range of products and services. The field of advertising, for example, is undergoing increasing digitisation. For more effective marketing of advertising space in buildings, BURRI manufactures monitor light boxes that can be controlled via the web. This refit enables the straightforward and rapid playback of digitised advertising media – without the need for professional support. The light, moving image and appealing design all combine to generate innumerable view contacts every day with passing commuters.

In cooperation with Kilchenmann AG, BURRI replaced the advertising carriers in the shop fronts of UBS branches in Zurich Central Station. Here, the challenge was to integrate a new digitised element into the existing structure that met the high architectural standards of the shop fronts in Zurich Central Station. This required the transfer of standardised components to an object-specific solution. The hard work in the areas of design, production and assembly proved more than worthwhile, and resulted in a new and impressive reference project for BURRI.