Customised production using high-quality Swiss oak wood

Freilager Albisrieden

In Zurich, a landscape architect has teamed up with BURRI public elements to develop an attractive bench construction for residents as part of the major development of the Freilager Albisrieden depots into an urban residential area.

The bench consists of a seating level constructed using glued boards of domestic oak. The oak boards are attached using uniform threaded stainless steel rods, which also support the optional backrest. The seating level is bolted to a supporting construction of hot-dip galvanised IPE steel beams. In wet conditions, the wooden planks are stabilised by pre-stressed hard-rubber spacers. Because the structure is connected with the wood only through the hard rubber, the wood can dry easily when wet. This even further increases the longevity of the already weather-resistant oak.

The beautifully designed outdoor area was complemented by additional products from BURRI public elements, such as barrier posts, Landi benches, Evolution rotating stools and a balance beam.

Products used