Cross-generational street furniture

Recreation rooms for nursing homes and clinics, age-appropriate seating

Seating that discreetly but effectively meets the ergonomic needs of older or impaired people.

New ergonomics in a well-known design language
Modern street furniture with well-conceived adaptations

Society is undergoing demographic change and in many cities the population density is rising. To properly meet the needs of different users, Hochschule Niederrhein undertook a number of studies on behalf of BURRI on the individual requirements of various groupings.

The objective, among others, was the development of special urban furniture that provides discreet help to restricted users without diverging from standard models. The result is three city benches that fulfill not only these requirements but also demanding criteria for sustainability and operating efficiency.

Study by the Competence Centre for Social Design Hochschule Niederrhein
Street furniture for seniors – configuration criteria for the age-aware city

An upright sitting position as well as slightly elevated seating surface and backrest are frequently preferred among older people, who often have restricted motor skills. This facilitates sitting down and standing, which in turn helps preserve mobility and independence. Clean and smooth surfaces are also generally preferred.