Effective cordoning systems that hide in plain sight

Protection for pedestrian areas and squares

With a single product line, BURRI’s mobile urban green spaces elegantly combine three major trends in public space – greening, mobility and security. Alongside, specially reinforced benches protect against ram-raiders

Security is vital in the public space. Most people perceive busy squares that are accessible from many sides, as well as clean streets and well-lit lanes, to be safe places to pass through and spend their time. However, in recent years it has been these kinds of locations in particular that have fallen victim to terror-related attacks in which perpetrators drive vehicles through the crowds. Specific events are likely to be painfully present in the minds of many people. In a large number of cities, the solution has been to erect unattractive concrete barriers or other provisional, highly technical and overly functional-looking ‘protective elements’ with no other useful purpose.

However, these measures can also bring about precisely the opposite result: their overbearing presence in the public space causes feelings of disquiet, and this subjective judgement alone is all it takes to make many people insecure and uneasy. There are not many elegant and multifunctional solutions that do not evoke such feelings.

Here, the mobile urban green space cityGREEN MAMMUT offers a suitable solution. First and foremost, MAMMUT is a mobile plant trough for medium-sized trees (ca. 7 tonnes when planted). It serves as a green lung and effective shading for squares and streets, but also as a functional form of seating furniture. Alongside, it fulfils its purpose as a highly effective barrier.

The seat elements, which are in the style of a round bench, are segmented and can be easily mounted and demounted as needed or removed entirely. Despite its high weight, MAMMUT is movable with a forklift, and can be placed precisely where the (sometimes extremely specific) usages of public spaces require – ‘at the touch of a button’. Above all, it provides welcome shade in the summer months. If an event takes place in the square, the element can be used for the structuring of the space, or removed to create more room. Ideally, the practical can be combined with the necessary, and the seating furniture is utilised in order to temporarily and effectively block access routes into the square.

In this way, cityGREEN protects spaces from unauthorised driving, enlivens public areas, helps clean the air in the city throughout the year, and provides refreshing shade in the summer. MAMMUT protects pedestrians, but does away with the highly technical, cold appearance of conventional cordoning elements.

Even benches can be effectively deployed as ‘camouflaged’ protective elements. Here, BURRI offers a range of models with invisible reinforcements. These benches can be placed in front of shops to protect them against ram-raiders or similar criminal acts. On the one hand, they help lend shape to pedestrian zones and serve as seating furniture, and on the other, they offer potent protection against attacks by cars and small trucks.

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