Working in the outdoors

Outdoor Office Spaces

«outdoor office spaces» support creative and communicative work in the outdoors

Our way of working (in offices) is evolving tremendously. Today, it is impossible to imagine the working world without the buzzwords of co-creation, virtual workspace, multispace environments and desk sharing. This suggests that the time of individual offices and static workstations is becoming a thing of the past. There are an almost infinite number of furnishing solutions in all shapes, colours and price categories for open-plan offices. The outdoor space, on the other hand, is often overlooked.

The modern office in the outdoor space can consist of seating facilities (benches, tables, niches, etc.). A modern workplace should also include furniture that encompasses numerous different functions, for example furniture that invites one to rest or take a creative break, but which are also arranged in such a way that they can be used for work. In all cases, the focus is on a good balance between opportunities to retreat for the purposes of concentrated individual work, and more communicative settings that promote interexchange between people. All that is required is a strong Internet connection, and nothing will stand in the way of productivity.

A good example of an «outdoor office» can be found on the ETH Zurich campus, where BURRI has assembled a series of seating niches and Landi bench-table-bench combinations. These serve as seats and workstations, as well as furniture for resting. This mix enables all forms of (jointly pursued) work.

Numerous competences and disciplines come together in «outdoor office spaces», all of which are covered by BURRI. Throughout, a central discipline is comprehensive knowledge of the professional furnishing of outdoor spaces with high-quality, ergonomic and elegant furniture. Moreover, BURRI has profound expertise in the area of standards-compliant and effective room lighting, as well as communications and IT (IoT, networks, communication). The offer is completed by know-how in the operation and maintenance of these and related systems.