Infrastructure elements for stops and stations

Multifunctional, modular stop and station infrastructure

A modern stopping point combines signage, seating, lighting, advertising and information elements as well as waste disposal elements 

Public transport is acquiring ever greater importance. This concerns not only passenger transport from A to B: alongside actual transport infrastructure, public transportation is associated with public as well as semi-public spaces and is also a location for shopping, entertainment, the presentation of outdoor advertising and passenger information, travel meeting points and gastronomy.

At highly frequented locations, the use of durable and stable Public Elements is especially important, as they have a particular effect on the location image as well as the perception of safety among users, and can also significantly reduce life cycle costs.

In the field of public transport, BURRI offers a wide range of complementary infrastructure elements for the public domain. Among others, these include robust and elegant seating furniture, ergonomic waste disposal systems, large-format advertising and branding solutions, light boxes and display cabinets, monitor steles and quickly replaceable signage systems. Alongside numerous combination and mounting options, the customization of designs for branding is often also possible. 

Products used