Exhibition signage

BURRI signage for exhibitions

High-quality, flexible signage systems for continuous operation. Largely tool-free change of motifs, straightforward expandability and mobility.

Any signage system for exhibitions will be placed under tough demands. Long service life, versatile application possibilities as well as easier and quicker changes of motifs are all desirable, but these must also comply with safety regulations, fire protection requirements and assembly guidelines.

The BURRI SIGNAGE building system combines sleek and customizable design with easy handling, quick-change motifs and robust construction. Mobile steles with locking mechanism and easy tool-free motif change, extendable ceiling and wall signs, easily-disassembled perpendicular signs and cubes, outdoor steles with concrete base, and extendable outdoor signposts have all been developed for signage. High-quality material and careful processing ensure high durability – particularly important for the fast-moving exhibition environment..