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Crash barriers

The cost-efficient and safe system for variable traffic control

The lowerable crash barrier system by BURRI public elements stands the test due to an impressively simple concept: as the crash barriers move solely at a perpendicular level, shifting of vehicles in stationary traffic is not necessary.
The solid crash barriers can be lowered hydraulically flush to the ground and are trafficable even for heavy vehicles (EU standard).
Climatic fluctuations cannot damage the system; it remains equally functional during heat or snow and ice.

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Development and construction
Steel- and metal construction

Lowerable Crash Barriers: Time is Safety

Short response time for special incidents in the tunnel

Road tunnels and other highly frequented sections of road pose a particular challenge with regard to safety, operation and maintenance. Maintenance works or accidents, e.g. in a tunnel section, often require complete blocking of the lane. In case of accidents stationary and backed-up traffic further hinders access to the scene of injury for the emergency services. Swift redirection of the lane before the tunnel entrance is equally important for the safety of the road users as for the reduction of tailback consequences. For these special requirements BURRI has developed the patented lowerable crash barrier: Remote-controlled from a traffic control centre or operated on location, it facilitates the diversion of traffic in no time at all via the central dividing strip into the other tunnel section.

Road safety has top priority

Proactive planning measures

During the development of the lowerable crash barrier many general and site-specific safety regulations were authoritative, in particular the strict Swiss laws and guidelines regarding the Road Traffic Act. Likewise, BURRI public elements has intensely looked into the requirements of the services in charge of the operation and maintenance as well as the employment in case of an emergency - the patent for the crash barrier was the result of a careful construction design process.

Low-tech combined with high-tech

High availability due to tried and tested standards

The technical innovation of the lowerable crash barrier by BURRI public elements evolves from the expedient combination of low-tech and high-tech. All exposed components are manufactured from standard elements. After accidental damage maintenance personnel can replace these quickly and easily. A further advantage: The multilaterally modifiable construction design also renders crash barriers in radii or chords possible. The drive and control equipment is ready-made according to customer specifications. It warrants compatibility with the existing traffic control as well as smooth operation under most diverse climatic conditions. 
Thanks to high-tech employment for monitoring, control and hydraulics the persons in charge in the traffic control centres can respond quickly.

Standard components reduce maintenance expenditure

Service and repair costs under control

Pre-fabricated steel constructions of the highest quality and dimensional accuracy lead to favourable production costs and are decisive for speedy construction progress. The lengths of the crash barriers are planned and ready-made accurate to dimension for the local conditions.
The full cost pricing turns out particularly favourable. The exposed standard components are easy and quick to replace. Drive and control remain fully functional even under extreme climatic conditions of snow and ice. The operator himself can already repair most accidental damage. These characteristics contribute crucially to the reduction of intervention times and maintenance costs. In case of operation the traffic does not have to be re-routed, as is the case with swing-out systems.