Signum square Wallisellen

A new square – Signum Platz – has been created directly on the south side of Wallisellen railway station.

picture Signumplatz wallisellen 2
picture Signumplatz wallisellen 3

The Nipkow firm of landscape architects was responsible for the corresponding design concept on behalf of the municipality of Wallisellen.

The new public space is intended to serve as a recreational and interactive zone in the heart of the recently constructed building complex.

Thereby, the architects were on the lookout for convincing and inviting seat panelling for the cast stone elements. BURRI eventually won the contract after detailed consultation and a sampling of variants.

The conical wooden segments are of Swiss natural larch, with exclusively knotless and sapwood-free raw materials used throughout. The supporting structure is constructed using stainless steel, and all of the elements are very easy to maintain and service. Despite the invisible bolting, it is possible to swap out the individual wooden segments.

Before the final installation at Signum Platz, BURRI assembled all of the elements in its precast concrete plant, enabling the final corrections to be carried out directly and immediately.

The high degree of pre-assembly allowed for rapid on-site installation.

picture Signumplatz wallisellen 4