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BURRI Trial Rental

Helping you to make better choices

Who hasn’t experienced the agony of choice?
Here, BURRI Trial Rental can offer some relief. If you are unsure which of our products is right for you, then you are welcome to try numerous products and make the final decision up to three months later – at no extra cost compared to an immediate purchase.

Arrive quickly at the right Public Elements ® solution

The BURRI Public Elements product range comprises over 100 product families with up to 25 different variants or configuration levels. We understand that it sometimes takes time to make the right decision.

For this reason, we have developed BURRI Trial Rental.

Testing at no extra cost

Use the desired products for three months and we will only charge our extremely attractive Trial Rental fee tariff. If you decide to buy the tested product after the three months have passed, you can do so at no extra cost.

You can even test numerous models at once. It’s entirely straightforward with BURRI Trial Rental.

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